Our Mission

The purposes of this organization, OutWorlders, Inc., shall be to have fun and to provide a community which promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) themes in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror media (SF/F/H), provides forums for those with such interests, and promotes the presence of LGBT elements within SF/F/H, within fandom, and within the LGBT community.

Contact Us

You can stay in touch with us by joining our Facebook Group, by contacting any of our current officers, or via our general contact information:


375 Highland Ave #201
Atlanta, GA 30312

Our Community

Members and non-members of Atlanta OutWorlders, Inc. enjoy a welcoming social community open to everyone regardless of race, gender, religious affiliations, or sexual orientation.

Our Mission is to have fun! Our like goal is to participate and enjoy the Tabletop Gaming, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror genres.

We organize events such as game nights, movies outings, television show events, or convention gatherings. Other members participate in reading books by SF/F/H authors or writing their own fiction. Like our members and non-members, we are as diverse as the mediums we enjoy. We encourage anyone to start up their own interest group/event within Atlanta OutWorlders that would appeal to them and others of the group.

Our main events include a monthly Game Night, that meets the 1st Saturday of every month, and a Movie Night that happens on the 4th Saturday of every month.

Become a Member

To become a member of OutWorlders, Inc., you need simply attend an OutWorlders event.

To become a sponsoring member of OutWorlders, you must be willing to pay our modest annual dues of $15. (Contact the Treasurer at one of our OutWorlders events).

As a sponsoring member, you are welcome to advertise your genre-related events through the events coordinator. Our organization is a growing network of people with a wide variety of interests. We encourage members to use the Facebook Group to contact others with similar interests to get together for tabletop game nights, video game nights, movie outings, local attractions or other nerdy events.

In addition to supporting the future growth of our organization and gaining the great respect of your peers, as a Sponsoring Member you are eligible to serve in an officer position in OutWorlders, are able to host official OutWorlders events, and are eligible to vote on proposals at the OutWorlders business meetings.