Official Swag: Tees and Tanks

Welcome to OutWorlders! We host several events that each offer a unique combinition of geeky, sci-fi, spooky, goofy, analytical, fantasy, chill vibes. Most of our events occur monthly, and our volunteers strive to make them the most welcoming and diverse events in the city. Bring a friend or let us know if it's your first time and we'll show you around!

Game Nights

Our biggest event takes place on the first Saturday of each month, and we try to rotate venues around the Atlanta area, inlcuding public venues and private residences. We have a game library (boardgamegeek) that we bring to these events and several members also bring games that they would like to play.

Movie Nights

Are you a fan of sci-fi/fantasy/horror/cult classics? Check out our Out@theMovies group on the fourth saturday of each month.

Book Club

Members of OutReaders submit and vote on which book they'd like to read each month, and then meet on the Third Saturday to discuss. The books are usually written by under-represented authors and the discussions typically last for two-hours.

Happy Hour

Our mid-week event is the perfect way to socialize with other OutWorlders. We know everybody's schedule is different, so this event rotates between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each month.

Special Events

Con's, Pride, or parties, OutWorlders tries to be at major geeky/LGBTQ+ events. Because who doesn't love cosplaying with friends?

Regular Business Meetings

OutWorlders is a volunteer-led not-for-profit group, and that takes a lot of organizing. We meet on the Third Sunday of each month to talk shop and think of what our next events will be.

Become a Member

To become a member of OutWorlders, Inc., you need to simply attend an OutWorlders event.

To become a sponsoring member of OutWorlders, you must pay annual dues of $15. (Contact the Treasurer at one of our OutWorlders events).

As a sponsoring member, you are welcome to advertise your genre-related events through the events coordinator. Our organization is a growing network of people with a wide variety of interests. We encourage members to use the Facebook Group to contact others with similar interests to get together for board game nights, video game nights, movie outings, local attractions, or other related events.

In addition to supporting the future growth of our organization and gaining the great respect of your peers, as a sponsoring member you are eligible to serve in an officer position in OutWorlders, are able to host official OutWorlders events, and are eligible to vote on proposals at the OutWorlders business meetings.

About Us

We organize events and activities for the LGBTQ+ community. Our main event is our FREE monthly board game night, when we get together for food, drinks, board games, and camaraderie. Game Night is the 1st Saturday of every month.

We also do other fun stuff, like picnics, movie nights, and book clubs. We love all things geek and nerd, and we love the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

If you enjoy tabletop gaming, watching movies, reading books, writing, or cosplay and want to hang out with people with similar interests, come to one of our events or join the discussion in our Facebook Group.

OutWorlders is committed to providing a safe space for everyone regardless of race, sex, color, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, religion, nationality, or planet of origin.