• Nominations for 2019 Officers are Open

    See the elections information if you are interested in nominating someone.

Nominations for 2019 Officers

Posted on October 21, 2018

OutWorlders is lead by a team of dedicated and passionate leaders who are actually elected to their positions each year.

As 2019 approaches it is time to nominate people for these positions. The positions, with current holders, are listed below.  

To nominate someone, email elections@outworlders.org  with the person's name and the office for which you are nominating them. 

If you are interested in a position you may nominate yourself.

Elected Positions:
President - Travis Woodman - runs the monthly business meetings, informs the members of what's going on, and provide stewardship for OutWorlders to reach its goals.

Vice-President  - Christian Hain (pro tem) - oversees the appointed positions (events coordinator, historian, PR, internet coordinator) and drives membership.

Secretary - Leah Frey - ensures minutes are captured at each business meeting, archives the minutes, and maintain list of members.

Treasurer - Wm S Boozer - manages and monitor the financial activities of OutWorlders, oversees fund-raising events, and propose annual budget.

To serve as an elected official for 2019, you have to be a sponsoring member for 2019. You do not currently have to be a sponsoring member to be nominated.

Nominations close at the end of the November business meeting (Nov. 18) and voting will be held at the December business meeting (Dec. 16.)