Elections for 2019 Officers

Posted on November 21, 2018

OutWorlders is lead by a team of dedicated and passionate leaders who are actually elected to their positions each year.

The nominations for 2019 officer positions are closed. The final list of nominees are:


runs the monthly business meetings, informs the members of what's going on, and provide stewardship for OutWorlders to reach its goals.

  • Travis Woodman


oversees the appointed positions (events coordinator, historian, PR, internet coordinator) and drives membership.

  • Christian Hain


ensures minutes are captured at each business meeting, archives the minutes, and maintain list of members.

  • Leah Frey


manages and monitor the financial activities of OutWorlders, oversees fund-raising events, and propose annual budget.

  • Bryan Faris
  • Wm S Boozer

If you are a sponsoring member and would like to vote, you can do so at the December business meeting (Dec 16 11:00am) or email your ballot before December 16 to elections@outworlders.org.