Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/09/15

Attendees: Robert M, Brad K, Vader, Eric M, Robert A, Travis W, Leah F, Bryan F

11:08 - Called to order

Officer Reports:

  • President - reached out to Pride for Bucket Brigade application and passed on to Bryan; reached out for volunteers for Pride; created and priced signage for Pride; updated proposed custom name badges with colors discussed
  • Vice-President - ordered 2nd run of new shirts; passed out all shirts to requesters; created placards saying "Players Wanted" and "Learn to Play" for tables at game night; began initial draft of revised bylaws
  • Treasurer - Square, Venmo, and PayPal all functioning; bucket brigade application filed; 8 t-shirt orders were received; 1 new member; Summer Picnic was within budget; reminds us that donations are always higher when solicited for
  • Internet Coordinator (vacant; duties performed by Christian) - added site redirect for GoodReads, to direct traffic to GoodReads account
  • Events Coordinator (vacant; duties performed by Christian and Travis W) - Kim confirms we will have space with table and chairs at Pride, at the double-decker pavilion again; Robert A has set up GoodReads account for the book club
  • Historian (vacant; duties performed by Christian) - uploaded August minutes to the wiki
  • Public Relations Coordinator - added event pages for Game Nights and Book Club meetings on FB, Instagram and Twitter; also sent details for October Game Night (to be held at Rush Center) to additional sites, since it is in a public space


  • Summer Picnic - held 8/25 at McKoy Park; 31 attendees; competition winners were Leah F, Robert M, and Wendy D; passes to OutlantaCon were given to 1st place winner and to raffle winner; recieved $50 in donations, $180 in t-shirt orders, and 1 new membership; recommend using charcoal at future picnics at McKoy Park; supplies should include pre-light briquettes, lighter, foil, tongs, and food handling tools
  • Movie Night - there was no movie night for the month of August
  • Book Club - to be held 9/21 at Northwest Library at Scott's Crossing; book to be discussed is Left Hand of Darkness by Le Guin; October's book will be Vox by Dalcher, to be held 10/19 at Kirkwood Library
  • DragonCon Meetup - held 8/30 at Bar 210 in the Westin; the space was good, but the time was perhaps off; perhaps Sunday night next year? con suite is missed, but the suite is hard to book; what is the goal of the meetup? if to get the most people attending, then Saturday would be best
  • Game Night - held 9/7 at Robert and Jack's house; 57 attendees, 8 first-timers; total donations were $64, in favor of calling pumpkin spice overrated; next game night to be held 10/5 at the Rush Center, with a Halloween costume theme

Unfinished Business:

  • Pronoun Name Badges - colors are agreed upon, but the price to print them is high, and there is a question of how many of each we should print; can we print them ourselves? cheaper but the quality may suffer; perhaps consolidate them down to one design with a space for the pronoun, similar to the generic yellow badges being used currently
  • Vote on August Proposals
    • 8 members in attendance, 7 members voting via absentee ballot
    • 2019-08-A - 15 for/0 against/0 present - the measure passes
    • 2019-08-B - 14 for/0 against/1 present - the measure passes
  • 2019 Pride Planning - to be held at the pavilion again this year, but this time we have use of the bottom floor as well; do we want to use the bottom? yes, but with less oversight; signage has been designed; Travis W will bring cooler of water for the volunteers; should we bring the selfie wall? yes, but we should not need the light this time; Saturday night, we will need to pack up the games and put them in the pool house; Sunday morning, we will need to bring them out again; Bryan has not heard back in re our bucket brigade application, but it is expected to be accepted; brigade is cash only; if someone says they don't have any cash, direct them to an ATM; suggested that we keep the greeters to a minimum, so as not to intimidate people

New Business:

  • September Proposals
    • 2019-09-A - proposal to re-purchase yellow name badges; $18 for 250 stickers
    • 2019-09-B - proposal to form a bylaws committee
  • October Game Night - to be held 10/5 at the Rush Center; Travis W will not be there; earlier hours, 6-11pm; need to clean up and be out by midnight; the Werewolf people will be holding games in a conference room; should set up the selfie wall and branded signage
  • Elections for December 2019 - Robert is chosen as elections coordinator; the election is to announced on social media

Open Floor:

  • Movie Night in October - it is decided that the movie night will be held 10/19 at Robert and Jack's house, showing Hocus Pocus

12:14 - Adjourned