Atlanta OutWorlders Business Meeting Minutes for 2019/06/16

Attendees: Robert M, Eric M, Christian H, Travis W, Leah F, Paul M, Robert A, Bryan F, Vader, Brad K

11:05 - Called to order

Special guest Lindley, representing Morehouse School of Medicine, spoke about coordinating with us to promote connection with community and new study, All of Us; health initiative to reflect our diverse population; would like to attend Pride Game On!

Officer Reports:

  • President - wrote up meeting minutes from May and provided for upload; looked to meet with Darie from OutlantaCon for help with non-profit status but had not been able to yet; created Video Game Night graphics and created flyers; confirmed McKoy Park for summer Picnic
  • Vice-president - emailed sponsoring members about upcoming vote; attended WerewolfATL event to introduce OutWorlders; worked with Robert A to create proposal to restart the Reader's SIG
  • Treasurer - Square/credit card reader functional; PayPal account established but not yet used; Venmo is functional; strategy for filing for non-profit status still under discussion but expected move forward this year; estimated cost of $300 to $800; membership count at 31
  • Internet Coordinator - fixed a few bugs related to event display; meet with potential candidate to fill IC position
  • Public Relations Coordinator - ran promotions for upcoming events on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; sent information on upcoming events to Project Q and posted on EventBrite and NextDoor; added events to and AJC Calendar; added pages and graphics for events to website
  • Historian - uploaded proposals and minutes to wiki

Outreach Committee:

  • Eric recommends collaboration with WerewolfATL at an upcoming event; at a library would be preferable, because we'd need a separate room and maybe a white board


  • June Game Night - held at Scott's Crossing Branch Library; 45 attendees, 7 newcomers; buttons brought in $15; donation competition between Sonic and Mario, with Mario winning; next game night is 7/6 at the Metropolitan Branch Library
  • May Movie Night - held at Robert and Jack's house; 12 attendees, no newcomers; watched Destroy All Monsters! and Aliens; a potluck was held; group voted to see Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli movie next; next movie night will be at Robert and Jack's house and there will be a potluck
  • Video Game Night - first ever, held at Spindle; 49 attendees; approximately $200 in donations were collected; 1 new sponsoring member sign up; demographics were mostly male, 50/50 white to POC; many came after having attended one game night before but hadn't returned; Spindle said they would be happy to host us again; Axis Replay interested in working with us; need to follow up

Unfinished Business:

  • May Proposals Vote
    • 2019-05-A: Funding for Video Game Night - vote voided after the fact, due to a last-minute change to the proposal
    • 2019-05-B: To Purchase Badge Ribbons - passed with 15 for/0 against/1 present
  • 2019 Year Planning Update - many goals met or underway; Belong.LGBT doesn't seem interested in coordinating so we'll pass on it; our accomplishments include: now accepting digital/credit card payments, swag purchased and successfully recouped price through donations; movie night developed; an increase in fundraising through donation competitions/voting; more movie outings; revitalization of SIGs; realigned our mission statement; sponsoring of other events
  • T-Shirt Designs for 2019 - being developed by Christian; priced out at aprox $30 each

New Business:

  • Proposals for Introduction:
    • 2019-06-A - Revive the OutWorlders Book Club: proposes to restart the book club SIG, allocates $25 for printing bookmarks, and names Robert Allen as coordinator
    • 2019-06-B - Funding for the Phillip Rush Center Venue: proposes to allocate $200 for use of the venue for October Game Night
    • 2019-06-C - Additional Funding for Dames and Dregs: following a previous proposal to budget $200 for the event, this proposes to increase budget by $100, to a total of $300
  • Game On! Pride Event - to be held 7/25 at the Rush Center; OutWorlders will provide pizza, sodas, plastic wear, paper products; must be out by midnight
  • Video Game Night - to be held 7/20; World50 may not work out; venue TBD
  • Dames and Dregs - to be held 8/10; brainstormed swag items, such as stickers or bracelets
  • Correspondence Updates
    • Lavender Language - contacted by filmmaker fundraising for a new film; Robert volunteers to reach out
    • Internet Coordinator - contacted by Lance about taking the coordinator position
    • Morehouse School of Medicine - contacted by research assistant, in re: Game On! Pride Night
    • Axis Replay - contacted by manager of gaming center looking to possibly host a video game night
    • Inspiritus - contacted by recruiter looking for volunteers to provide temporary housing for homeless LGBTQ youth; Vader will research it

Open Floor:

  • Should contact Morehouse about what resources they may be able to provide
  • Summer Picnic - Deposit made for McKoy park; need to ask Ken if he's willing to grill for us again

12:43 - Adjourned