AOW Business Meeting

Third Sunday Monthly Business Meeting.

Anyone is welcome to attend. If you're interested in becoming a sponsoring member, which entitles you to vote on OutWorlders business, please contact the Treasurer prior to the next meeting.

Sun. Feb. 16 FREE!


  • Call to Order
  • Reading and Approval of Minutes
  • Officer Reports
  • Special Orders (none)
  • Committee & SIG Reports
  • Standard Order of Business
    • Unfinished Business
      • VOTE: 2020 Budget
        Christian Hain. 10 Minutes.

        Vote on Proposed Budget.
      • 501(c)3 Registration
        Christian Hain. 5 Minutes.

        Recap Bylaws Committee Meeting #3.
      • Outlantacon Updates
        Robert Allen. 10 Minutes.

        Discuss the status of Outlantacon sponsorship.
      • Merchandise
        Christian Hain. 5 Minutes.

        Review OutWorlders branded drinkware.
      • 2020 Branding
        Christian Hain. 5 Minutes.

        Present OutReaders and Out@theMovies logos.
      • 20th Anniversary Party
        Christian Hain. 5 Minutes.

        Follow up on ideas about a 2020/20th anniversary party & all-day gaming event.
    • New Business
      • Monthly Video Game Nights
        Christian Hain. 5 Minutes.

        Herb reached out to Christian to discuss monthly video-game nights at Spindle.
  • Announcements
  • Open Floor
  • Adjournment




Sunday, February 16, 2020

11:00 AM—12:30 PM